Field work Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

This morning we visited 'Wintukwa', I.P.S.I. (Indigenous Institution for Healthcare Provision) and met with the manager Benerexa Marquez, and the medical coordinator Dr. Xiomara Acevedo in the city of Valledupar. We also visited the adjacent principal healthcare center which provides basic medical and dental care.

The Wintukwa I.P.S.I. provides healthcare coverage for the Arhuaco indigenous reserve through six regional healthcare centers and several 'health houses' in the smaller communities. The healthcare centers have one permanent physician while the health houses are covered by one healthcare assistant.

Over the coming weeks we will visit the regional healthcare centers and various health houses across the Arhuaco indigenous reserve.  As of tomorrow we will travel to visit the healthcare center of Gun aruwun and the smaller health houses in the communities of Sogromin and Donachui. The purpose is to assess the infrastructure, facilities, medical needs and provide assistance when necessary.